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The 2024 Dragons Trail

Welcome to the 2024 "Cambrian Dragon's Trail"

Saturday 30th March 2024

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A hi-endurance/extreme 55k route from Sea to Summit across the Cambrian Mountains.

A majority of the route is on tracks, trails and minor roads; but there are also sections routed across mountain and lowland Wilderness Terrain that have no tracks or trails. These sections in the Wilderness Terrain are remote, barren, desolate, sparse and unforgiving; which is not to be trivialised and is definitely not for those who lack the required endurance, level of fitness, experience, mountain skills or confidence required to safely undertake and complete it.

So, it is definitely NOT for the inexperienced or faint-hearted – DO NOT ENTER if you do not meet the required entry criteria!

The Dragon’s Trail Story

Ancient Welsh legend tells of the time when strange beasts walked the earth and “Y-Ddraig Goch” (the “Red Dragon”) lived high in the Cambrian Mountains. It was a peaceful beast and respected by the people. The Kingdom of Wales was peaceful and prosperous, and when King Ludd inherited the throne he shared his kingdom with this majestic and mystical beast.

He protected the land and peoples from the Coranaid invasion, in the great battle with terrifying White Dragon, and the wicked Magician’s efforts to plunder the kingdom; and now rests in the lonely deep dark forest of Radnor protected by the Four Churches (Llanfihangel Cefnllys, Llanfihangel Rhydithon, Llanfihangel Nant Melan, and Llanfihangel Cascob) dedicated to St Michael. If the Churches are ever destroyed he will rise again to battle and protect the land and it’s peoples...

The “Cambrian Dragons Trail” is dedicated to commemorate “Y-Ddraig Goch” and his travels across the Cambrian Mountains to ensure peace and prosperity of this wondrous and spectacular land. A stunning route that is well worthy of its name the “Cambrian Dragons Trail”

The 2024 Route and Profile for Cambrian Dragon's Trail

The Route

Starting-out from the beach in Borth the route heads out over Tynewydd, through Dol-y-bont to reach the first Check Point at Neuadd-fawr nr Tal-y-bont; from Neuadd-fawr the route then continues through Cwm Ceulan to Check Point 2 at Banc Bwlchygarreg; from Banc Bwlchygarreg the route heads around Esgair Gorddi, Banc Llechweddmawr, past the Llyn Llygad Rheidol reservoir, to climb the north-face of Pen Pumlumon Fawr and reach Check Point 3 on the Summit; from the summit of Pen Pumlumon Fawr the route follows the Cambrian Way Trail to enter the Hafren Forest, the continues through the Hafren Forest to Check Point 4; from Check Point 4 the route heads out of the Hafren Forest and join the Glyndwr’s Way Trail to the Llyn Clywedog reservoir, then follows the Trail around the “Dragon’s Back” to Check Point 5 at the Clywedog Dam Lookout; from the Clywedog Dam the route continues on the Glyndwyr’s Way Trail to head up past the Old Mines to Brytail and on to Check Point 6 at Penwar; at Penwar the route leaves the Glyndwr’s Way Trail following Minor Road and Trail through Bryntail, over the Afon Clywedog to Cringoed, then over Cefn-cwmeryr into the Llanidloes Town, to follow the route to the Finish at the Llanidloes Rugby Grounds.

This challenging but scenic 55k route has a total ascent of 6,102ft from Sea to Summit across the Cambrian Mountains; and is stringently only open to Entrants who possess required endurance, level of fitness, experience, mountain skills and confidence required to safely undertake and complete it “selfsupported” from Start to Finish.

The route may be waymarked with confidence indicators at key points and changes of direction, but WILL NOT BE HAND-RAILED to support any inexperience or lack of Navigational Skills.

There will be manned Check Point Stations (CP), unmanned Emergency Rendezvous Stations (ERv), Mountain Safety Teams in attendance, and Sweeper Teams on foot or in off-road vehicles as deemed necessary by the Event Organisation Team to instil our duty of care to the capable Entrants who take part; but definitely NOT to “baby-sit” or “escort” incapable Entrants. If in doubt of your capability to safely undertake and complete this event, in the first instance – DO NOT ENTER AND DO NOT TAKE THE RISK!

Note: that sections of the route are through private "working" Farmland with expressive permission from the landowners, for the Event day only. Participants must stringently respect this, adhere to any notices or rules displayed and ensure all closed gates are left closed and open gates left as found when travelling through such Farmland. Strict compliance with the "Country Code" is also required.

Event notifications and information will be sent by email (to the email address you use to register your Entry) and also posted on our Facebook Page.

Once you Book your Entry and pay the Entry Fee, please ensure you use the link provided to download your Entry Pack, and comprehensively read and understand all aspects associated with the Event including the Terms, Conditions, Rules and Requisites of the Event. If you are unable to comply with any key aspect therein, you MUST notify the Event Team by email within 48hrs of registering your Entry advising of why you cannot comply; and where the Event Admin Team deemed it reasonable, your Entry Fee will be refunded in full and you Entry removed from our systems.

Some Key Views en route

Key Event Details

DISTANCE: 55km / 35miles
CLASSIFICATION: Difficult - Extreme
ENTRY CATEGORY: Self-supported
EXPERIENCE: Must have experience in similar difficulty hi-endurance events on similar Terrain in prevailing weather conditions on the day
ENTRY FEE: £75 Adult / £45 Under 18s & OAPs
EVENT DATE: : Saturday 30th March 2024
START VENUE: The Beach in Borth - SN6067 8896 / 52˚28'51"N 4˚3'11"W
REGISTRTATION: 05:00 – 05:30
EVENT START: 06:00 promptly
FINISH VENUE: The Whistling Badger Public House
4 Short Bridge St, Llanidloes SY18 6AD
SN9537 8453 / 52˚26’55”N 3˚32’27”W

In the morning there will be Tea & Toast available for all participants from 05:00 – 05:30. As participants complete they will receive their much deserved unique Cambrian Dragon Trail awards and be treated to a buffet-style meal with refreshments, at the finishing venue in Llanidloes.

Last but not least and most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourselves, which is the key to the success of the Event and what the CME Event Organising Team strive to deliver.

FINAL NOTICE: before you click the button below – are you capable? – have you got what it takes?? - do you dare??? IF IN DOUBT + YOU ARE STILL QUESTIONING YOURSELF AT THIS POINT = DO NOT DO IT!!

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Gurkha Welfare Trust

CME are proud to promote and raise awareness for the Gurkha Welfare Trust on the Sabrina Walk
A no-nonsense, hardworking charity that is dedicated to supporting ex-Gurkha Servicemen



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